List of Building Management System Companies in Middle East

Building management systems sometimes referred to as structure automation systems, are utilized to use a computer-based control system to regulate the mechanical and electrical equipment of a building. The security apparatus, HVAC system, and lighting of the entire building are all managed by a building management system. Large buildings with a requirement for substantial utilization … Read more

List of Building Management System Companies in India

Building management system integration and automation are benefitting a select few industry players who can handle technological convergence, security, and energy efficiency on an exceptional scale. The mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical domains are monitored and managed by a building management system or BMS for short. Power, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, … Read more

Understand the basics of the lighting control system

How Lightening Control System Works

A lighting control system is a networked collection of both small and big parts that enables users to enjoy distinctive lighting control features. Various components make up an automated lighting control system, depending on the features it provides. These often consist of touchscreens, light switches, occupancy sensors, and photocells. The ability to easily incorporate smarter … Read more

Book Building Management system for Beginners

Building Management System for Beginners Book   Books available for only 9.99$  ebook PDF – Indian Payment ebook PDF – International Payment Paperback Kindle Version Working as a Building control system engineer on-site never bore me. I wrote this book by considering students who are dissatisfied with their engineering studies in mind.  I’d would like … Read more

How to find an entry-level job in BMS

For entry-level jobs, you do not need to be super brilliant.   If you have a related educational background, enough strength to work, a little knowledge about using computers, and an interest in the BMS system, then Entry level is easy.   They will assess you on what you have studied and your interest level … Read more

Book Review Becoming an Energy Expert by Paul Webb

Book Link on Amazon :Becoming an Energy Expert : ‘How to manage an organisation’s third largest expense and help our planet’ What I understand from the Book “Becoming an Energy Expert” Like a safety, energy-saving is everyone’s responsibility. Energy-saving cannot be achieved directly implementing any new technology products alone. Energy policy and strategic planning play … Read more

How Qatar Based Companies, Professionals can prepare themselves for Qatar National Vision – QNV2030

Introduction about QNV 2030 During the reign of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir, May God Protect Him, Qatar National Vision 2030 has been launched to serve as a clear roadmap for Qatar’s future.  It aims to propel Qatar forward by balancing the accomplishments that achieve economic growth with human … Read more

BMS Interview questions and answers

I have listed some basic interview questions and answers for building automation industry and I used to update this post frequently. Based on the companies, Job requirements; technical interview questions will be varied. If you are fresher and looking for a job in BMS industry in entry-level positions, then these questions will be helpful for … Read more

Guide for BMS Operator

Guide for BMS Operator

Subscribe/Join our Telegram Channel & Group for all updates about BMS 1.BMS Operator Roles & Responsibilities I am writing about the roles and responsibility of BMS operators by considering that you have basic understating about what is BMS and how it is used in building for controlling and monitoring. Read more: Understand the BMS System As a BMS … Read more

5 Cybersecurity Threats Every Business Owner Faces

Subscribe/Join our Telegram Channel & Group for all updates about BMS 5 Cybersecurity Threats Every Business Owner Faces Whether you operate a small business or manage a large enterprise, digital technology is essential in improving your business infrastructure. Digital technology enhances service delivery and is crucial to business continuity.  Without the adoption of new technology, … Read more