About me

I am Hamza Mohamed Ansari, a Mechatronics engineer who graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree. Currently, I am actively engaged in the field of Building Automation and Controls.

I have a keen interest in reading about various topics such as #Programming, #Automation, #ModernDayBusiness, #Science, #DigitalMarketing, #RoboticProcessAutomation, and #ProductivityHacks.

In the past, I found myself spending a significant amount of time mindlessly scrolling through social networking sites on my smartphone and personal computers.

Despite my efforts to break free from this internet vortex, I faced difficulties. Hence, I decided to start this Blog, where I aim to transform this unproductive time into something valuable by sharing the knowledge and experience I gain every day.

If you wish to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

BMS-System is the blog all about building automation system. We thrive to share more informative and original content with our readers. 

So, If you have the passion for writing quality content then you are the right place. Our Blog readership is constantly growing and we are trying to connect with more people. 

If you are really passionated and interested to share your knowledge to our readers on following 

  • Building management system.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Lighting control system.
  • Access control system.
  • CCTV.
  • Networking.
  • Artificial intelligence(AI).
  • Internet of Things(IOT).
  • Mechanical,Plumbing and Electrical related to buildings.
  • Facility Management System.
  • Energy Management System.

We are not limited to some content. You are always welcome to share your posts ideas with us. if we think it suits our blog niche, we will publish it. We also have some terms and guidelines for posting and We request all of our authors to comply with these norms. This will help us to keep our blog more relevant and informative.


Sharing knowledge to others it will not only benefit to others, rather to you first .

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Terms and Guidelines for Guest Posting

Here are some of the guidelines that you have to comply before sending us your guest post. You must have to follow these guidelines.
Your Article must be unique and Original.

  • We only accept quality Posts. So, Make sure you send only quality posts. 
  • Do not submit copied, scraped.
  • Your article must be free of spelling and Grammatical errors.
  • We reserve the right to made the necessary changes to the article.

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Your images must be free of copyright. If necessary attribute them properly.  We respect others hard work. So, don’t send copyrighted material to us.

 Finally, Are you ready to start

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products & Equipments Handled

System/Controller Handled:

  • Trend Control System, SET 6.8 – IQ3 Web Enabled Controller, IQeco
    35,IQL 13+, IQeco VAV PA 38, and BINC,3xtend Router.
  • Alerton System – Compass by Alerton, ACM, VLX-platinum,VAV IH SD , VLC Series controllers and BCM, ACM Router
  • Schneider Andover Continuum-BCX, b3851, b3920.
  • SBO to EBO, Automation server
  • Power Monitoring Expert 2020 by Schneider

Equipments Handled:

  • Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Variable Air Volume,
    Chiller Water Pump control and other monitoring equipment, Integrations of Fire
    Alarm System And Lighting Control System Through IP/BACNETby Using TOPS
  • Third-party integration of Power Monitoring, Lighting Control, UPS, CMS, SCADA.
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