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Working as a Building control system engineer on-site never bore me.

I wrote this book by considering students who are dissatisfied with their engineering studies in mind. 

I’d would like to tell you that working in building automation is an interesting field & it required only basic skills to kickstart your career path in this Automation Industry. Engineering stuffs you’re learning in university and schools is a lot. try to finish your education and get a degree. 

Don’t worry that in-depth engineering stuff will not scare you in your career.

This Book is not for you

This book is not going to teach you how to program or do testing & commissioning the BMS. this book is not for those who already in BMS Profession and want to know any specific BMS OEM Products.

What's the book about

This book on building management systems for beginners teaches you the fundamentals of BMS knowledge areas.

Are you an engineering or diploma student and wish to choose your professional path in the building management system industry? 

Then this book will help you understand the basic skills required to onboard your first Job and prepare yourself for the interview.

Suppose you are already enrolled in engineering college and unsure of your career choice. In that case, this book will assist you in determining whether you can pursue a career in building management systems.

If you work in a similar automation sector but want to learn about BMS Systems from the ground up, this book is for you.

Are you aware that the world’s fastest-rising population boosts the need for high-rise buildings?

Whereas the need for BMS employment tends to grow with the growing demand for BMS jobs?

Have you finished engineering degrees in mechanical, electrical, electronics, or computer science?

Do you wish to begin your career in the automation field and work for core companies? 

Then this book will explain what a BMS system is and how you can develop your skills in the subject of BMS.

If you’ve picked up this book, you’ve probably previously heard about building management systems and are interested in learning more about them.

This book allows you to pursue a career in the building automation industry. Now is the moment to bring it to reality.

I constantly doubted myself while I was studying mechatronics engineering. As a result, I lacked confidence in my ability to obtain employment or attend an interview.

I could not grasp complex subject knowledge in mathematics, electrical, and electronics engineering issues. This is the primary reason I wrote this book: to reassure you that working is significantly more simple and more interesting than studying engineering.

What if I told you that working as a BMS engineer is exciting and that you will never be bored throughout your career? The only thing required is to be familiar with the knowledge area in the bms system.

So that you can be ready for future jobs, some of which this book may assist you in the beginning.

If you are currently employed in the field of ELV systems, which includes fire alarm systems, access control systems, security systems, CCTV, intercom, audio & video, but are unfamiliar with BMS systems. This book will assist you in understanding what a BMS system is?

You have already expressed an interest in learning BMS. This book will excite your interest in learning more. I’ve made it simple for readers to grasp the concept of building management systems. Then you can continue your search for more detailed information later.

When you begin learning a new concept or technology, you become frustrated by new terminology because your brain has not previously heard those phrases and definitions, which makes you feel irritated. Be patient for a short period until your brain fetches new terms and concepts in neurons.

It will eventually connect to related knowledge and information, familiarising you with the building management system.

As a result, I’ve written this book as an ABCD guide to building management systems.

Knowing the fundamentals of what you want to be in the future can help you avoid deviance and focus on the things that will push you forward and help you stand out from the crowd.

Since I’ve worked in building management systems for more than nine years, my career has never bored me. Job’s role combines electronics, mechanical engineering, and programming elements. You do not need to spend the entire day in front of a computer. 

You will not be bored in your work environment. You will be controlling machinery in the building. You will be developing a control system to manage thousands of centralized air conditioners from a single control room, which will give you the impression you were a part of an overall control system operation.

Are you prepared to gain knowledge about the BMS system?

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