How Qatar Based Companies, Professionals can prepare themselves for Qatar National Vision – QNV2030

Introduction about QNV 2030

During the reign of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir, May God Protect Him, Qatar National Vision 2030 has been launched to serve as a clear roadmap for Qatar’s future. 

It aims to propel Qatar forward by balancing the accomplishments that achieve economic growth with human and natural resources. This vision constitutes a beacon that guides economic, social, human and environmental development of the country in the coming decades so that it is inclusive and helpful for the citizens and residents of Qatar in various aspects of their lives.

I would like you to download and refer the documents in the order of mentioned below for better understanding the National development strategy of Qatar

Ins Allah hopes & expecting final milestone of Qatar’s 3rd National Strategy 2022-2030 of QNV2030 or intermediate period once completes the year of 2022 including one of the most anticipated milestones of WorldCup FIFA 2022.

Why planning and starting now is important?

In this article, I limit the explanation and opportunity available in QNV2030 for System integrators, contractors, consultants, Professionals, facility management in building automation industry and if any other industry professionals are reading this and have business ideas, thoughts on your field by considering QNV2030 you can share your views and thoughts on the comment box.

If you felt this long term strategy cannot be useful for your business then check out Qatar national strategy development 2018 to 2022 of 337 pages to see how the government policy and strategy implemented as mentioned which leads to accelerating the various business, job opportunity and development in Qatar business market.

If you are doing business in Qatar or working here, then it is due to the impact of this government development strategy.

So, to stand out of the competitive market you have to be keep eye on forecast strategy of QNV2030 opportunity available to develop your Internal business strategy in organization for

  • To stand out from the crowded market.
  • To increase your business values in the organization.
  • To develop a well-trained team for technology in Energy management, IoT, AI etc.
  • To Plan your financial effectively in your organization
  • Submit a business proposal that cares and benefit a customer by considering QNV2030 effectively and stay away from low bidding project award trap while bidding.
  • The organization, contractors can win government project if they properly consider the QNV2030 on their proposals.

For individual professionals

  • Get ready yourself with learning and acquire skill on addon technology, knowledge in addition to the existing profession which will help on career growth.
  • Put fuel and energize your organization goals and business values by understanding the QNV2030.

So planning and strategize your business, personal goal by focusing QNV2030 is very easy now and practically possible than later on or near to 2030.

I would like to quote from the book of atomic habits by James clear which may be helpful for you to understand the power of starting small.

Check out the detailed explanation by James clear how TinyThing by 1 Percent and Here’s What Happened and read the book atomic habits for a detailed explanation.

Hope you are clear and understand how value for your organization to plan something smaller now without further delay to win the market in near future.

James clear clearly explained in this article, “how Bradley Wiggins became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France by the help of coach Brailsford strategy.”

“Brailsford had been hired to put British Cycling on a new trajectory. What made him different from previous coaches was his relentless commitment to a strategy that he referred to as “the aggregation of marginal gains,” which was the philosophy of searching for a tiny margin of improvement in everything you do..(read a further detailed article on here)

Following words, ideas, content and prediction are based on my personal thought after I have gone through the strategy of QNV2030 whereas my ideas may not happen or work well in near future, but I believe this post will help you to consider, think & create new business ideas based on your experience and perspective in Qatar market.”

While you go through this articles, If your mind sparked and creates another different ideas, suggestions, thoughts then don’t forget to share it in below comment box and social media.

If you like these articles to proceed, please share it with your friends and comments at the end of the post to help me to write more.

While I am writing this article, got a chance to read a news article Building Requirements Guide to help spur real estate investment: Official published on 11th of October 2020 whereas Director of Building Permits Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), Engineer Khaled Al Marzouki, said that the Building Requirements Guide will stimulate the real estate investment and shorten the procedures. read more on here 

With the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the recent improvements to the electronic building permit system, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has launched the first edition of the “Building Requirements Guide in the State of Qatar”. 

It is one of the most important strategic projects implemented by the Ministry within its strategic plan, Qatar National Vision 2030, and the Digital Government 2020 strategy.” (read more on news article)

So note that the Qatar government keep on implementing their strategy as planned to ease, support, encourage real estate business investors, owners and a lot.

Analyzing the QNV2030 detailed with your field business analyst specialist is crucial and helpful for you to detailed planning before you dive into action planner for further.

If your organization already had a team and roadmap to work out on this, Keep move on; if not then identify a right team in your organization and organize it and provide enough resources, responsible, authority and help them with a strategy to achieve the desired goal.

Never think about the size of the company or problems of financial situation to run an existing business. 

Keep locked and consume your potential of energy (money, time, resources) in problems, will never allow you to think to create new opportunity in business. 

So, you have to find solutions for existing problems and create new business opportunity parallelly. 

Once you have identified right services, business and opportunity in building automation industry from QNV2030, 

You can plan to start working out on that and add your new plan & actions to existing projects, maintenance and keep on updating your company profile that should highlight your organization goals and progress are “aligning with QNV2030” which will help your company profile.

And keep in mind, that planning and documenting on paper about the mission and vision of your company profile that aligns with QNV2030 in pdf format will not work out until you start working out and implementing it.

Real credible, trust, customers satisfaction, brand and business values cannot be made artificially on marketing campaign unless your business services quality deserves for it. rest of the things will be made on autopilot.

Think about from your perspective; if you have an enormous amount of money in your pocket, what will you do? 

  • do you buy cheap clothes or branded high-quality clothes?
  • do you buy low-quality foods or do you look for some certification on a food package?
  • do you look at services like laundry, the garage where there is a lot of negative feedback?
  • do you order food from 1 star rated or 5-star rating in Talabat?
  • do you buy good shoes for running or cheap one.?

and I agree, if we are running out of the financial situation, we will more cautious about before we buy anything.

But if you have gone through QNV 2030, it strongly stating about the quality, environmentally friendly and ready to compensate extra investment for any technology if it brings values to environments.

Note that QNV 2030 has a strong team for monitoring and evaluating to assess and guide whether the planned strategy implementation moving and achieving results as planned.

So if your organization’s visions are aligned and improved to achieving Qatar national strategy 2030 vision,

Then it is very easy and practical for your organization, expose to government bodies and they will ready to support and guide to achieve the success of projects, products and services which are aimed to fulfil the needs of QNV 2030.

QNV2030 clearly stated and believed that their policy and strategist goal can be achieved only with collaboration support from the private sector, public sector, institutional support and a lot.

So any valuable, achievable proposals will be considered by QNV Team.

So Planning and starting now is important without any further delay.

How to build a committee and right team to work for QNV2030

Identify the Team

There is two way to go, either hire a specialist analyst for analyze QNV2030 and prepare a framework for a new business solution or tune the existing a business solution that aligns with QNV2030; or

Form a team from your existing organization.

  • Explain the importance of QNV2030 to all senior members
  • Get the recommended members from each department head.
  • Feed the member list to QNV2030 committee member selection checklist.
  • Select the right members based on the various criteria that most fits.
  • Tailor the best weightage for each criterion to choose the best in your team.

Form a Committee

Main tasks of members of Road2QNV

  • Identify the right members
  • Implementing team-building techniques
  • Prepare the templates, checklist and procedures of workflow
  • template, Checklist for pricing strategy, approval, market research, etc.
  • Training platform to be created for required skills.
  • Team-3 should prepare and tailor the templates, a checklist to support peer members from financial.
  • create the boundary line of vision for which road2QNV operations to not to cross the line; which will avoid the energy and resources consumed for it.
  • Create a well-detailed approval workflow strategy and that should be automated to reduce the time of approving time for any task to proceed.
  • set the level of new business opportunity research, for example, find the new opportunity which is very near to existing solution already provided by your organization which will be practically possible without much investment.
  • And more can be added based on organizational capacity.

Control system and automation Related Opportunities from QNV 2030

1.Water Management Related Plan and vision mentioned on Qatar’s 2nd National Development Strategy 2018-2022

Related Water Management Solution Provider *

2. Energy Management Related Plan and vision mentioned on Qatar’s 2nd National Development Strategy 2018-2022

Related Energy Management Solution Provider*

Related Projects signed off and same published on Qatar Government portal website & Peninsula Qatar

3.Smart Technology Opportunity

Related Smart Technology Solution Provider*

Athenta Integerated Infrastructure management solution (IIMS)

4.Cybersecurity Related Opportunity

Cybersecurity Related Solution Provider

There is numerous cybersecurity solution provider available in the markets.

Final note, Each and every line from QNV 2030 has numerous opportunity for every individuals and company.

* Related Third party solution providers mentioned here only for the purpose of information, references and knowledge purpose.

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