Artificial Intelligence in building automation and HVAC

The today world technology keeps moving on an exponential growth rate and not in linear, whereas artificial intelligence started footprinting on all industry it possible before we proceed further how artificial intelligence used in building automation?let us go through some basics of artificial intelligence terms.  What is Artificial Intelligence? AI branch of computer…

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What is BACnet Protocols

Understand the BACnet Protocol

What is BACnet BACnet?is a Communications protocol for Building Automation and control networks.BACnet is developed by?ASHRAE?to?facilitate the facility managers or the building owners in the building to communicate all the devices with common standard protocol.? whereas there is no common protocol standardised earlier for building automation which causes headaches for…

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What is BTU Meter

What is BTU Meter and how to calculate energy consumption for billing tenants

What is BTU? Before we proceed to learn what is BTU meter, let us see what is exactly BTU or British thermal unit.BTU is the amount of energy required to heat a single pound(lb) of water by one degree Fahrenheit. ?Let us assume the flame?will burn for exactly one hour…

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BMS Architecture Schematic

Understand the Basic concept of BMS system

What is a BMS or Building Management System? ?In a nutshell,?BMS?otherwise called as BAS or building automation is computer-based control system which reduces the manpower, automate the system, and saving the energy?consumption?in building by monitoring and controlling the mechanical and electrical equipment in modern day buildings or any industrial plants.?Not…

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