How to find an entry-level job in BMS

For entry-level jobs, you do not need to be super brilliant.
If you have a related educational background, enough strength to work, a little knowledge about using computers, and an interest in the BMS system, then
Entry level is easy.
They will assess you on what you have studied and your interest level in BMS systems.
Here are a few steps to go thru in order to get the BMS jobs.

Step 1: Understanding the BMS Project Life Cycle

Understanding the overall BMS industry life cycle will help you get the right job.
After completing your engineering education, you may encounter difficulties and struggle to find work, but this is not because you are unqualified for them. because of a lack of understanding of job requirements and the business life cycle.
You will be rejected because you are too intelligent or overqualified. Don’t worry about that.
Now let’s see the BMS Project Life Cycle.


1. Customer/Client/Owner

  • They are owners (individual or government), real estate developers, etc.
  • They come up with ideas or concepts without technical knowledge of how to build them.
  • They will have enough money to bring the ideas into existence.
  • Due to their lack of technical knowledge, they used to look for domain or industry experts, whereas they were called consultants.


2. Consultants

  • They are professionals and experts in their relevant industry, with vast experience in a selected field.
  • They are architects, analysts, designers, etc.
  • They help customers prepare designs and specifications for their ideas and concepts.
  • They propose projects within the budget of customer requirements and project management for their projects.
  • Interpretation of plans and specifications
  • The consultant monitors, supervises, and reviews the contractor’s working drawings, among other things.
  • Detailed observation and inspection of the project
  • A final project inspection is carried out by a consultant to assess whether the project meets the specification requirements.



  • Prepared design/specifications are issued as a market tender.
  • Tender documents have specifications & designs.
  • Tendering is the process by which bids are invited from interested contractors.
  • Tenders are normally published in newspapers, government websites, or directly sent to contractors.


4.Main contractor

  • The main contractor is basically a civil construction company, 
  • The main contractor prepares an estimate and budget for the scope of their civil construction.
  • Tender documents are forwarded or sent to the MEP Contractor (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).
  • The total value is then submitted to the client.


5.MEP Contractor

  • MEP Contractor is in charge of the engineering business in the building, which includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment.
  • MEP Contractor Procurement, Supply, Installation, and Execution.
  • Estimate and budget the value of the tender.
  • Submit the price to the main contractor rather than the client.
    MEP Companies have ELV Engineer opportunuties.
    It will cover the majority of the extra low voltage systems, such as BMS, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Intercom, and so on.
    An ELV Engineer does not need in-depth knowledge of technical knowledge for each system, but they must have an overall concept and basic understanding of the architecture of the system


6.Sub-Contractor/System Integrator/System Specialist

  • They are small companies or systems specialists.
  • They are also called system integrators, or ELV.
  • solution providers. BMS, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting, Access Control, and Security Systems are all examples of building management systems.
  • electrical- generators, UPS, SwitchGear, etc.
  • mechanical- HVAC Systems, AC Units etc.
  • Plumbing-pipe suppliers, pump suppliers, etc.
They used to be distributor or partners for BMS brands like Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, Johnson Controls, etc.

BMS OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

In some cases, BMS key player (manufacturer) is involved in the project directly instead of through a distributor/partner.
Some of the key BMS players are Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, Johnson Controls, etc.
Job opportunuties available in these companies are BMS Pre-Sales Engineers, BMS Design & Estimation Engineers, BMS Commissioning Engineers, BMS Managers, or BMS Technicians

Project Execution & Handing Over Process

  • Once the client receives bids from various main contractors.
  • they will choose the best one based on price and profile.
  • Project execution Start with all parties.
  • The consultant leads the project execution.
  • Once the project is finished, they start handing over the property to the client through the client engineering team or through the facility management team.

Facility Management Company & Hotel Operator

  • They are a maintenance company.
  • They take care of facilities, including soft services (cleaning, management things) and hard services (engineering and technical stuff).
  • Companies have staff for managerial positions and engineering teams like mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, supervisors, technicians, BMS operators etc.
  • Most of the top hotels used to have their own engineering team.

Job opportunuties available in these companies are BMS Operator, BMS Technician.


Step 2: Concentrate on various segments  

So now I hope you understand the different segments available in the BMS market to get the job. So keep the resume ready based on different job roles and approach those companies.

Step 3: Make a list of the companies based on their various segments

List out the companies available in the region you’re looking for.
At least make a list of everything you can on an excel sheet.

Step : 4 Understand the companies’ systems and solutions

Once you have listed out the companies for BMS system solution providers,
study a little bit more about the companies.
For example,

  • What companies are doing ?
  • Which BMS products do they distribute, like Honeywell, Schneider, etc)?
  • Understand the system’s product ranges (Graphics Software, Gateways, Controllers, and so on).


Step 5: Identify the people who work in businesses.

  • Now identify the people working in their companies on LinkedIn.
  • Check out their profile or CV.
  • Try  to request a connection.
  • Inquire about job openings and ask for assistance in learning more about BMS systems.

Step : 6 Prepare a CV based on the jobs you want to apply for

  • Try to prepare a resume based on the jobs you are applying for.
  • Following these steps will help you stay away from the crowd in the market.


Step : 7 Apply for Jobs 

  • Direct Email the company’s contact details.
  • Approach individuals in LinkedIn
  • Call them directly

Don’t hesitate to put your comments, so that i can help you out in better way


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