How is IoT Benefitting Different Industries?

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In the pursuit of revolutionizing the way we work at home and workplaces, IoT is the most promising and the best option as of now. 

It allows us to secure remote access to manage all our devices, networks, home appliances, vehicles and a plethora of devices that have internet functionality. 

And, as a user, you can do all this from anywhere. Try to visualize an example – you are sitting in your office, and you want your pre-loaded fully-automatic washing machine to start the wash cycle.

This way, by the time you reach home, the clothes are washed, and you can take them out. 

Similarly, just one message from your phone can allow you to start recording your favourite TV show; or to check the location of your vehicle, or to start the baking! 

All these actions can be completed without much ado and without any information leaks. This is the power of the Internet of Things or IoT. 

This technology is relatively new and is still gaining popularity among technical environments.

IoT is one of the most powerful tools to tackle all kinds of jobs from mundane or regular to complex. 

For example, in a solar power plant, the odds of finding a small fault in the entire grid of thousands of cells are incredibly daunting if done manually. 

However, if you have an expert like IoT, you can quickly check the broken link within the system by sending a message to all the connected components. 

This is why the technology finds immense importance and application in all kinds of areas and is also being employed in building intelligent and self-diagnosing energy IoT platform.

Now that we have developed an idea about the IoT let us move ahead to find how the technology is benefitting different industries and what are the odds of it becoming a regular technical feature on our devices.

Different Industries Benefitted by the IoT:

Energy or Power Sector

The world is shifting towards the eco-friendly and green solutions for obtaining energy or power. 

In this pursuit, solar energy plants are taking the most prominent place. However, try to imagine tens of hundreds of acres covered with the solar panels for generating power on a large scale. 

Now, suppose while everything was going on all-well, one cell or one panel stops working or gets damaged! The situation can get messy and out of hands if you have to rely on the manual fault-finding and correction. 

An entire month can pass by without finding the faulty component. The situation gets worse when we consider solar power plants for powering an entire district or state!

This is where Energy IoT Platform comes to the rescue. Installing IoT in the plant can quickly help the technical team to find the fault. 

All they have to do is send a simple ‘ping’ or message to various communication hubs in the network of solar cells. The day was saved because IoT was there!

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Home Appliances

In the age when every device and every vehicle is getting smarter and better, the home appliances should also take the cues.

Well, the smart kitchen and home appliances and even lights can take commands using the WiFi or any other internet connection of your choice. 

So, if you want your fridge to do something; or your preloaded dishwasher to start washing; or your coffee maker to make a nice hot cup of coffee by the time you reach home, all you have to do, is send a message using your IoT enabled phone!

There is another side to this situation. Most of the people still don’t have smart home appliances and are using the traditional ones.

So, a mass replacement still raises a big question to the IT persons and manufacturers.

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Suppose you have a logistics business or taxi rental business. The least of your worries should be the location of your vehicle and cargo; right? 

But this is not the case for most of the firms. An IoT vehicle management system allows you to achieve much more than just vehicle tracking; such as:

  • Tracking the driver

  • Automatic logbooks

  • Automatic shortest route finding

  • Automatic alarms in emergencies etc

  • Managing the idling drivers 

  • Thefts and compromising with the cargo

All this is possible because IoT enabled secure remote device access solutions which have the ability to access the system of connected devices or vehicles or appliances from any place via a secure communication medium.


Tracking and management of crops, godowns, livestock and warehouses of all kinds allow the farmers and farm owners to manage all their resources in a better way just using the IoT. 

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Industry and Industrial Processes

IoT technology proves extremely beneficial and helpful in the industries and industrial processes. 

It can help streamline all kinds of operations and processes such as:

  • Cost Reduction

  • Automatic logs 

  • Waste management 

  • Employee Tracking

  • Assembly Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Data Management 

  • Customer Care and Tracking

  • A reliable and robust system of hardware, software and human entities in all kinds of systems

Medical and Healthcare

IoT not only allows the hospitals and medical institutions to cut down the operational costs but also allows them to manage all kinds of medical equipment and track the mobile and immobile equipment. 

Medicine, healthcare and allied medical sectors can find endless applications of IoT because of secure remote access.

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Collaboration and Exchange of data on a global scale

Coming to the more technical side, the IoT allows large businesses, companies, logistics firms, and manufacturing units to manage the intensely connected and different units and entities in an efficient, more comfortable and better way. 

An admin sitting at the USA can log into the central system to check the whereabouts of a shipment to India and the logs of the same with a single click! 

Similarly, the IoT can be installed and used in any scenario and any setting to get unprecedented results and efficiency. 

As the technology is still in the nascent phase, we are sure that it is going to have much more significant and crucial impacts on our lives, work and routine in the times ahead!

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