How Cooling Towers is beneficial Choice for HVAC Industries

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  • To enhance the water-based cooling tower benefits, you must choose the correct tower size.
  • It must require the identification of various essential aspects.
  • You should rest assured that cooling towers have been a reliable and inexpensive way to expel heat from several industrial processes.
  • It would be inclusive of thermal and nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, food processing plants, petroleum refineries, and HVAC systems.
  • With the growth of these applications in the global market, the need for addressing the issue of how large the cooling tower should be to handle the specific application effectively has become imperative.

Importance of determining the size of cooling tower

You may come across a plethora of applications where you may not want to undersized the cooling tower. In the event an undersized cooling tower has not been producing cold water for cooling the HVAC chiller’s condenser loop of an office building, the chiller should shut down.

It would entail several angry tenants and repairs that could burn a significant hole in your pocket.
When it comes to industries, it would not be wrong to suggest that insufficient tower cooling capacity could cause breakdowns or severe damage to expensive process equipment.

It would result in huge losses in the overall productivity of your company. Therefore, you should not underestimate the need for the appropriate size of the cooling tower.

  • The Industrial Cooling Towers have been known for their ability to expel heat from any industrial set up.
  • It would also remove heat from a condenser in an easy cooling application.
  • The wet cooling towers would cause the cooling effect by evaporating some part of the circulating water.
  • It would result in considerable cooling of the returning water for causing the cooling effect.
  • It would not be wrong to state that determining the proper cooling power size would enhance your benefits.

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Benefits of cooling towers to HVAC industries

The cooling towers would be specifically designed to meet your needs and requirements. Let us delve on some of the benefits offered by the cooling towers to HVAC industries.

Cost-effective installation

The professional installation cost for the evaporative cooling tower has been relatively less when compared to central refrigerated air conditioning.

Ease of operation

Non-use of the compressor would avoid power spike experience. It does not use expensive refrigerants, rather use water as fluid.

Energy efficient

It is energy-efficient with lower power consumption and lowers current draw.

Cost-effective maintenance

  • The maintenance of the evaporative cooling tower is relatively low than refrigeration cooling.
  • The repair of the fan and water pump is very low to purchase and installation. It would eliminate the need for seeking expensive services of HVAC contractors.

Great performance

  • The cooling towers have been known to evaporate water quickly. It would keep the building free of very hot water.
  • It would release water vapour.
  • The result would be increased humidity in the neighbouring areas that would enhance the comfort level in the dry environment.

Among the aforementioned benefits offered by the cooling towers, you should rest assured that it also offers quiet operations. It has been an economical approach to cooling.

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Uday Shah is the director at Artech Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 1987, with the vision of successfully cater to the industrial requirements of all types of cooling towers like FRP Cooling Towers, FRP Round Cooling Towers, Counter Flow Cooling Towers etc.

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