Artificial Intelligence in building automation and HVAC

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The today world technology keeps moving on an exponential growth rate and not in linear, whereas artificial intelligence started footprinting on all industry it possible before we proceed further how artificial intelligence used in building automation?
let us go through some basics of artificial intelligence terms.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behaviour in computers.
  • AI or artificial intelligence helps machines to learn from experiences (otherwise called as machine learning) and adjust to new inputs and work as a human.
  • Almost all technology giant  companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon started involving AI concepts in their services for examples,
Google translate uses AI, where translating techniques keeps an updating/learned/suggested to google machines to give better accuracy.
Google Assitant uses AI, where it used to assist the user needs based on natural voice by processing various AI algorithm to detect the user’s voice and predict the better result.
Amazon and other e-commerce website are providing recommended products based on the user experience -behind this concept, it is not implemented with the only pre-defined program but also used various AI algorithms to predict the user recommended products with high accuracy which help them bring million of revenues for e-commerce owner. read more on here

What is Machine Learning?

  • Machine learning is technically a branch of Artificial intelligence which is limited to or more specific than the overall concept of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is an idea for machines to collect a set of data to process and learn with an advanced algorithm to predict the better output.
  • otherwise, we can say machine learning is capable of changing the program themselves.

What is Deep Learning?

  • Deep learning is a subset of machine learning.
  • Deep learning is related to deep artificial neural networks which are set of an algorithm that has a new set of record in accuracy for many complex problems.

AI Future Predictions That Everyone Should Know

As we realize that Artificial Intelligence is expanding colossal affirmation comprehensive. Artificial intelligence underpins the advancement of improved development which works basically like a human.

Even brands are teaming up with such innovation to give upgraded the user experience just as remain ahead in the challenge. The future of AI seems to have taken over the edge and individuals are recognizing the cycle for the future advancement in various enterprises just as in profession objectives.

But the utilization of Artificial Intelligences doesn’t simply confine there. With an increasing number of individuals understanding the idea of AI and how it has been changing lives just as the whole arrangement of the worldwide market, Here, we have brought to you some of the AI predictions which may change the essence of the future.

So for that, we should drive directly on the Infographic underneath.

AI Future PredictionsInfoGraphic By Edunbox

With the help of Artificial Intelligence future predictions, you get the opportunity to gain the possibility of the change which is changing the essence of future development.

This strong innovation will change the period of the cutting edge procedure of giving and improvement of the online ventures just as exceptionally make a positive effect on a regular day to day existences. With Artificial Intelligence future trends, organizations, as well as people, will make a change in society. The execution of this cutting edge innovation has been advancing as of now in Android and iOS applications, organizations, and organizations are anticipating getting a change the online business with the utilization of AI in the future.

Above terms and definition are just basic about artificial intelligence and proceed with a further post to understand how artificial intelligence service of software used in building automation.
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let us discuss Roby and Brainbox AI about how it is used in building automation and saving more energy on buildings

How Artificial intelligence used in Building automation system

With the help of artificial intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning and cloud technology concept, AI service provider creating best and various algorithm by HVAC and building automation experts and same implemented with the existing system installed in buildings.
Note that building already has a centralised and specific system with dedicated hardware and software to monitor and control the equipment as per the requirement.
Existing BMS system generates and stores tons of data of connected equipment in the building
  • TrendLog- log/store the various sensors data connected in buildings with configured over a period of time.
  • Events-Log the information about on and off state of all equipment.
  • Alarms- generate an alarm if any fault identified in connected equipment.
AI role is here to collect the data from the BMS System, process it and instructs your existing HVAC system on how to operate more intelligently and efficiently.
Let us see some AI tools used in Building automation 
  • Roby

  • Brainbox AI

What is Roby?

Roby is a chat/voice-enabled software with AI concept that handles all requests, automate repetitive tasks, eliminates miscommunication, and reduces resolution time to increase employee satisfaction.

  • Simplify ticketing management-Roby unifies all channels for making requests to a single interface for employees.
  • Keep employees engaged-Roby keeps employees updated on their requests and encourages interactions.
  • Understand the office inside and out-Roby periodically initiates employee surveys and indicate potential problems based on responses.
  • Deflect repetitive question-Roby learns from employees’ feedback and automatically deflect repetitive questions.

How Roby Helps Your Office Management?

  • Managing Varied Requests-There is many ways to make a request, and it is difficult to keep eyes on multiple channels.
  • Answering Repetitive Questions-In a dynamic environment, it is difficult to maintain a knowledge base for so many questions.
  • Keeping Employees Involved-Sometimes, the conversation gap between employees and support team can cause miscommunication.
  • Getting Feedback from Employees-Companies usually use professional service to do employee surveys, but this wastes time and money.

How does Roby work?

Employees simply send all requests to Roby
  • Using “/Roby” or click a button, employees can easily send a request to support teams and check statuses anytime.

  • Roby automatically creates a to-do list for the support team and keeps employees notified

    The support team can stay focused on their tasks and not worry about being continually distracted. Simply type “request”, Roby will show a to-do list and keep everyone updated.

  • Roby can learn the Q&A and automatically answer repetitive questions

    Employees can ask a question to support teams through Roby. Roby will memorize the Q&A and directly answer it next time when the same question is asked

  • Roby drives the interactions between employees and the support team

    Every two weeks, Roby will send simple metrics to employees to keep track of the effort from the support team and get their valuable feedback.

  • Get valuable insights into your office space

    The feedback and survey results are displayed in the Roby Portal. The support team will be able to access and better understand how to improve employee satisfaction.

Roby is not limited only with above features but also add-on with existing building automation
  • HVAC Add-on: Control the temperature of workspaces at any time, and have preferences automatically applied in the future.
  • Lighting Add-on: Adjust the lighting in any workspace and create schedules to maximize energy use efficiency.
  • Support Ticketing Add-on: Submit support tickets- anytime, anywhere, and get immediate responses with automatic notifications, 24/7.
  • Calendar Add-on: Book meeting rooms on the fly, see which rooms are available, and ensure that unused room is automatically opened for assignment.

Key Benefits of using Roby for building automation

  • Convenient, Easy to Use. Integrates into existing employee communication platforms, allowing employees to easily submit requests. Natural language processing makes submitting a request simple.
  • Communications.  Roby keeps the requestor informed with status updates and resolution notification.  Operators can make broadcast announcements
  • Time Savings. Automated execution of HVAC tasks, elimination of duplicate tickets, and intelligent communication free up Operators to focus on higher-value activities. done!
  • Speed. Temperature change requests completed in real-time without human intervention, even after hours.
  • Cost Savings. AI continuously optimizes HVAC operations, resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs without sacrificing employee comfort.
  • Predictive. Roby continuously learns users’ needs and takes proactive actions to optimize the office environment and replenish office supplies.
  • Satisfaction and Productivity. Comfortable employees are happier and get more done!
Checkout Roby for more detailed on their website.

What is BrainBox AI?

Brainbox AI using technology to the implementation of optimizing in energy consumption of building which is one of the largest contributors of climate-changing in this world.
  • Brainbox AI engine supports a self-operating building that requires no human intervention.
  • Using deep learning, cloud-based computing, and our proprietary process, our solution autonomously optimizes existing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control systems for maximum impact on energy consumption.

Brainbox AI helps to

  • 25-35% of reduction in total energy costs.
  • 60% improvement in occupant comfort.
  • 20-40% decrease in carbon footprint.
  • 3-month payback and low CAPEX

How BrainBox Implemented and works to save energy in Buildings?



  • Our solution identifies and catalogues your building’s specific operating behaviour and energy flow by gathering data from both internal and external sources. It then creates a building energy profile for making informed predictions about future energy flow.
  • BrainBox AI collects hundreds of thousands of real-time data points, such as outside temperature, sun/cloud positioning, fan speed, duct pressure, heater status, humidity levels, occupant density and many more.


  • Using over 25 customized algorithms working in real-time, our AI engine instructs your existing HVAC system on how to operate more intelligently and efficiently.
  • This process is similar to an aircraft on auto-pilot.


it continually amalgamates and analyzes all generated data to further optimize operational efficiency and discover other unique insights.

To improve operational efficiency, BrainBox AI works to answer questions, including:

  • Which HVAC units have the fewest mechanical issues?
  • How are changes in occupancy levels affecting energy consumption?
  • Which HVAC units are the most energy-efficient in cold or humid climates?
Bottom Line – This AI technology services and tools for buildings will have much impact on facility management in the near future.
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