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Upcoming Schedule on 27th August 2023 – 9:00pm (Indian Standard Time)

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Who this workshop for

# Engineering Students : Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineering , Mechatronics, Instrumentation Engineer who wish to choose their career path in Automation Core Company

#Fresh Engineering Graduates : Who currently out of the college and looking for job and unaware what kind of engineering jobs available in the markets.

# Currently working in Irrelavant Job and want to switch their jobs in Building Automation System.

# Currently working in ELV field and want to upskill yourself with Building Management system.

# Anyone want to understand the overview of building Management System

Things I have worried about myself while studying Engineering

I'm not ready for job.

I kept telling myself that I was not suitable for any engineering job because I never grasped most of the technical concepts. I dare to ask the professor any questions because I never understood anything in 1000 pages of engineering books.

I've bad communication skills

I lacked communication skills and was nervous about attending the job interview. I’m still not very good at it.

What is my career path?

I’m not sure which job to apply for or which company to approach. who is willing to hire me .  I love automation but was scared of understanding the fundamental concepts of voltage, current, and power.

I don't get job in core companies

I was unable to attend any core Automation company interviews during my undergraduate studies due to the eligibility of my academic marks. even though they had selected only a few candidates from among the qualified students.

What is next after my education?

I was always questioning what should i do after finished my engineering studies: will go to further education? Take specific courses? If so, what courses? what institutions…

What if I didn't pass Engineering?

I scored good marks in some of my engineering subjects. but what will happens if the interviewer asks me about those subjects? what will happen if they found out that I have scored good marks without any understanding?

Here is my few words from 10+ years of experience as a Building Automation Engineer

# Working as a Automation Engineer or Any other field is far more interesting and knowledge/Skills required is 1% or 2% from Engineering subjects we have studied  

# No company in the market expect 100% engineering knowledge from you as Fresher

# As Automation Engineer, Basic Communication is more than enough to kick start your career

# your first company after educations decide you almost 90% of your career life, but that’s not fate.

# There Are tons of Startup and small Automation companies available in the market to grasp your first job

# If you don’t want to be idle state of mind after education, Then decide now, Wish Something, Want something, Choose your interest now itself.

# Failing Engineering or any other studies doesn’t mean failing in life. it’s just one of the paths in our life. There are tons of other ways to lead a life.

Limited seats only

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