Kickstart Your Career in The Building Management System

Attend 2-Day BMS Mastery Workshop to discover the roadmap to becoming a successful BMS Engineer

Last Date to Enroll:

Last Date to Enroll:

23rd Sept

This Workshop is for you If you're...

Engineering Student

Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineering , Mechatronics, Instrumentation Engineer wanting to explore career path in Automation Core Company

Fresh Engineering Graduate

Looking for a job but unaware about the kind of engineering jobs available in the market

Working Professional

Currently working in an irrelevant field and want to switch into Building Automation System

Working in the ELV field

But, looking to upgrade yourself into Building Management system.

Looking to learn BMS

Want to learn and understand the overview of Building Management System

What is Building Management System?

Building Management System (BMS), also known as Building Automation System (BAS), is an integrated network of hardware and software components designed to control and monitor various building systems within a facility. These systems typically include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), lighting, security, fire safety, access control, energy management, and more.

What does a BMS Engineer do?

A BMS engineer plays a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining the automation and control systems that ensure the optimal operation and efficiency of various building systems within a facility.

Here’s an overview of what a BMS engineer does:

1) System Design and Integration

2. Programming and Configuration

3. Installation and Commissioning

4. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

5. System Upgrades and Integration

3 Reasons to get into BMS

High demand for skilled Professionals

The demand for BMS engineers is rapidly growing as more industries and organizations recognize the importance of efficient building operations.

Lucrative Career Opportunities

As businesses and industries increasingly adopt advanced automation and smart building technologies, the demand for skilled BMS professionals has surged. This heightened demand has led to competitive compensation packages that reflect the specialized expertise and pivotal role BMS engineers play in shaping modern infrastructure.

Impact on Sustainability and Efficiency

BMS engineers play a pivotal role in improving building efficiency and sustainability. As the world seeks innovative solutions to address climate change and resource conservation, BMS engineers have the opportunity to make a tangible impact by creating smarter and more energy-efficient buildings.

What we will cover in the workshop

Overview of the Building Automation Industry

Understanding the basics of BMS

Overview of the Building Automation Industry

Understanding the basics of BMS

Understanding the basics of HVAC systems

Understanding the basics of BMS programming for HVAC systems

Understanding various features of BMS Software graphics etc..

Exploring various Job roles in BMS industry

How to Network with Industry experts for career opportunities 

What my previous students say....

i suprised david for his 30 birthday in a mutual ceramic workshop. it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. i am so happy we chose urban workshops.


Diane & David

Workshop Name

we celebrated emily bachlerate party it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. we had such a great time, will recomend urban workshops for a special day you will never forget.



Workshop Name

Since i discovered Urban Workshops, i come here once a month at least. I always check if there is any new workshops. It’s my time to relax, experess my creativity and find peace in stressfull times.



Workshop Name

At the end of workshop, you’ll

Have a solid grasp of the core concepts of the BMS landscape.

Have a roadmap to pursue a lucrative career in the BMS field.

Understand various job opportunities in the BMS industry.

Be confident to update resume to look for BMS Jobs

Have confidence to apply & land a job in the automation industry

Have a competitive edge others who haven’t attended the workshop

Meet the Coach

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